Building the Science of Recovery Community Centers

As a part of our new project aiming to promote the development of a comprehensive recovery community center (RCC) research network, we are collaborating with all relevant stakeholders on a new seminar series and the distribution of tools, products, and research materials that will support the building of a cumulative RCC science. We will be hosting all relevant information, seminar recordings, research, and any other key materials on this page. Please check back in periodically for updates and new information!

To learn more about the overall project, and this seminar series, please see these introductory slides. For each seminar, please find video recordings and slides below:


Seminar #1 – Friday, November 20, 12:00 EST – Dr. John Kelly on: Rationale and Role of Recovery Community Centers: A Bio-Psycho-Social Perspective

RCC Seminar Slides – Seminar 1

Chat Transcript (for privacy reasons, please email RecoverySeminars@MGH.HARVARD.EDU for a copy of the chat)


Seminar #2 – Friday, December 18, 12:00 EST – Mr. Tom Hill on: “Origin, Nature, Scope, and Impact of RCCs


Seminar #3 – Friday, January 15, 12:00 EST – Ms. Patty McCarthy on: “RCCs and Accreditation: A National Perspective

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