The Recovery Research Institute is a leading nonprofit research institute of Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, dedicated to the advancement of addiction treatment & recovery.

Enhancing Recovery Through Science

Addiction is one of the greatest public health crises of our time, with staggeringly high rates of mortality, disease & disability.

We need scientific research to improve the effectiveness of addiction treatment & recovery efforts, to find out what is & what is not working, & why certain pathways to recovery work for some individuals & not others.

At the Recovery Research Institute, we know that stable & long-term recovery from alcohol & other drug use disorders is possible. Rates of recovery can continue to be improved through focused scientific investigation & a commitment to public education.


Founded in 2012 by Dr. John F. Kelly, the Recovery Research Institute is a team of innovative scientists working through:

  1. research
  2. education
  3. outreach

to enhance recovery through science, conducting & disseminating the most up-to-date research findings for individuals, families, healthcare professionals & policymakers alike.




Our groundbreaking research has changed everything from the way addiction is talked about, to the way it is treated, with notable findings that:


We translate the technical science of addiction medicine to allow audiences at every level of expertise to understand & engage with important findings.


From grassroots to government, we inform the conversation on addiction recovery & treatment.



To enhance the public health impact of addiction recovery science through the summary, synthesis, & dissemination of scientific findings and the conduct of novel research.

Your support is needed to make this life-saving research possible. Join us in working to end this crisis.


To conduct research on successful sustained recovery, predictors of relapse & emerging treatment technologies to enhance long-term recovery outcomes.

To increase efforts to advise state & federal governments about empirically-informed national alcohol & other drug strategy.

To train the next generation of scientists in addiction research.


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Founder & Director

John F. Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP

Carol McDaid

Dr. Arthur C. Evans Jr.

Michael Botticelli

William L. White

Dr. Keith Humphreys

Phillip Valentine

Joanne Peterson

Dr. David Best

Susan Broderick

Dr. A Thomas Horvath


Associate Director

Dr. Brandon Bergman

Director of Communications

Alexandra Plante, M.A.

Director of Biostatistics

Dr. Bettina Hoeppner

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. David Eddie

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Corrie Vilsaint


Julie Cristello


Nilo Fallah-Sohy


Nate Kelly


Alexandra Abry


Dr. Gregory Acampora, MD

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