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February 3, 2017  | 

Organization Highlight: Facing Addiction

Facing Addiction Inc. is a national non-profit organization based out of Danbury, CT, dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis through the unification of the voices of the over 45 million Americans and their families directly impacted by addiction.

Our vision at Facing Addiction is “to bring together the best resources in the field in order to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year, until the public health crisis is eliminated.” – Michael King, Facing Addiction Director of Outreach and Engagement

Founded in 2015, Facing Addiction began by organizing and leading the UNITE To Face Addiction Rally in Washington D.C. on October 4th. Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow, The Fray, John Rzenik, Jonathan Butler, as well as elected officials, the U.S. Surgeon General, and other leaders in the addiction field joined tens of thousands of supporters to end the silence around addiction.

Facing Addiction organization is comprised of a coalition of over 300 organizations from across the United States known as the Facing Addiction Action Network. Work is supported by a large spectrum of organizations throughout the addiction field, such as Recovery Community Organizations, Prevention & Education coalitions, Public Health Agencies, Harm Reduction Groups, Family Advocacy leaders, Labor Unions, communities of faith, Treatment Centers and more.

“Addiction is a health issue that must be treated as such. It is a preventable illness, and recovery is a reality for over 23 million Americans. But with 22 million still suffering, it is past time to take new and innovative approaches to solving this public health crisis.” – Michael King

The mission of Facing Addiction is to:


  • Build a national constituency to give the millions affected by addiction a voice
  • “Rebrand addiction” to create the understanding, empathy, outrage and demand urgently needed to advance solutions
  • Increase access to effective prevention, treatment and recovery programs
  • Translate scientific innovation into useful tools and services
  • Advocate for governments to implement evidence-based policies and regulatory practices to end addiction
  • Widely share the proof of long-term recovery

Visit Facing Addiction on their website, Facebook, and Twitter for more information.