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Providing naloxone to people who are prescribed opioids is a cost-effective way of preventing opioid overdose deaths


Lower alcohol consumption in the Netherlands’ general population during pandemic lockdown than previous years


Recent federal policy changes associated with expansion of buprenorphine prescribing with important rural-urban differences


Alcohol brief intervention has a small but significant effect on 12-month drinking outcomes in an integrated healthcare system


Unintended spillover effects of cannabis legalization for youth who use e-cigarettes


Do motives for substance use during methadone treatment vary by substance type?


Buprenorphine vs. extended-release injectable naltrexone: A head-to-head comparison of relapse prevention


Leveraging opportunities to address early substance use for youth in primary care settings



Mar 11, 2020

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work? Scientific Review From Dr. John Kelly and the RRI

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