Recovery Bulletin
February 3, 2017  | 

Organization Highlight: Wicked Sober

Wicked Sober is a Massachusetts based organization, founded by Michael Duggan in 2013 to provide effective addiction treatment options and support for family members of loved ones or individuals suffering from alcohol and drug use disorders. Wicked Sober helps over 6,000 individuals a year by connecting them to reputable facilities, providing drug treatment information, and by helping individuals and families create customized treatment plans. To achieve this, Wicked Sober operates a free 24-hour hotline and live drop-in center.

Part of the definition of crisis is being disorganized, so it is important when you are trying to get help for a loved one with a Substance Use Disorder that you put together a plan with a treatment professional to become as organized as possible, to have everyone in the family pulling together on the same team. Once an opportunity of willingness to get clean presents itself, having the plan allows the individual suffering from addiction to move in a positive direction before that window closes. Immediacy is key. – Founder of Wicked Sober, Michael Duggan

Among other information given, Wicked Sober works with individuals and families to provide information on prominent topics and to answer questions about: detox availability, aftercare options, sober living, help for a loved one, intervention services, overdose prevention methods, where to go to find support meetings, and where to obtain Naloxone.

Wicked Sober is currently teaming up with Recovery Centers of America to add an additional 300 emergency beds by the end of 2016 in Massachusetts to meet rising demand for addiction recovery support services.

Addiction is a disease of unmanageability, so an important part of achieving recovery is allowing others to manage ones care, rather than expecting to do it all on your own. – Michael Duggan

Visit Wicked Sober on their website for more information.