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Psychology Today | What Makes a Good Addiction Treatment Program?

Psychology Today, October 3, 2017

Recovery Research Institute Founder & Director Dr. John F. Kelly



 The 11 Indicators of a High-Quality Addiction Treatment Program

“How do I know if an addiction treatment program is any good?”



With over 14,500 substance use disorder treatment facilities in the United States, it can be challenging to assess which ones offer the resources and interventions necessary to help people suffering from addiction begin the process of recovery.

While there are many different pathways to recovery, research has identified elements that indicate quality treatment for substance use disorder. These attributes of treatment facilities range from personalized treatments, to national accreditation, to assertive linkages to continuing care. Taking the time to look for a high-quality treatment facility is important, as engaging in substance use disorder treatment requires time commitments and is costly, both in terms of money and energy.

The Recovery Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has compiled a comprehensive list of 11 indicators of effective treatment, to help identify high-quality addiction treatment programs. This blueprint is a guide to compliment individual recovery preferences, and ultimately maximize recovery success.

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