Marijuana abstinence in adolescents and young adults improves brain functioning
October 31, 2018  | 

One Month of Abstinence from Marijuana Improves Memory in Adolescents & Young adults

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital have published exciting new research, finding that adolescents and young adults with regular marijuana use experienced measurable improvements in cognitive functions after just 30 days of abstinence.

cannabis abstinence in adolescents improves memory

Crucial to retaining information and academic performance, cognitive functions assessed in this study included verbal learning and the ability to learn or ‘map down’ new information. Published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, this is the first study to prospectively track changes in cognitive function associated with stopping marijuana use over time.

“Our findings provide two pieces of convincing evidence. The first is that adolescents learn better when they are not using cannabis. The second – which is the good news part of the story – is that at least some of the deficits associated with cannabis use are not permanent and actually improve pretty quickly after cannabis use stops.” - Dr. Randi Schuster, Lead Investigator


Schuster, R., Gilman, J., Schoenfeld, D., Evenden, J., Hareli, M., Ulysse, C., Nip, E., Hanly, A., Zhang, H. and Evins, A. (2018). One Month of Cannabis Abstinence in Adolescents and Young Adults Is Associated With Improved MemoryThe Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 79(6).


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