Recovery Bulletin
February 3, 2017  | 

Organization Highlight: The Houston Alternative Peer Group

Founded in 1971 for a group of young people struggling with alcohol and other substance abuse disorders, the Alternative Peer Group model follows the basic principle that,

Peer relationships and peer support are key factors for effective adolescent and young adult recovery from substance abuse and dependence.

Houston Alternative Peer Groups facilitate twelve-step meetings, after-school programming,  pro-social activities, educational support, individual &  family counseling (as a critical component), parent support services, intensive outpatient therapy, and act as a liason between residential treatment programs, psychiatrists, school counselors and other mental health professionals.

Since it’s inception, multiple locations have formed under the APG model.


  1. The Fun Factor: Encourages recovering young people to learn how to have as much sober fun as possible within healthy boundaries.
  2. Rewards System: Rewards adolescents for sobriety, honesty, and integrity with fun, sober activities.
  3. Parent Involvement:  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend their own recovery meetings and create their own program of accountability to support their teen.

Visit The Houston Alternative Peer Group on their website for more information.