The Recovery Research Institute (RRI) is a non-profit, donor-funded research institute of Massachusetts General Hospital (501(c)(3)) & Harvard Medical School located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Enhancing Recovery Through Science

In recognition of the increased public health and broader societal harms related to substance use disorders, and the lack of emphasis on research pertaining to how individuals achieve remission and sustain long-term recovery, the Recovery Research institute was created under the direction of Dr. John F. Kelly in 2012 with:

A mission to enhance the public health impact of addiction recovery science through the summary, synthesis, & dissemination of scientific findings and the conduct of novel research.

The Recovery Research Institute is home to the Recovery Bulletin, a free electronic publication reaching an audience of over 30,000 monthly containing contextualized summaries and syntheses of the latest research in addiction treatment and recovery. In addition, the Institute serves as a teaching and training center for promising researchers in addiction, funding 2-3 post-doctoral fellows each year.

In 2016, the Recovery Research Institute developed the MAPS software, groundbreaking in its ability to assist in the dynamic assessment of individuals with substance use disorders across clinical settings. The RRI worked also to expand its “Addiction-ary” to over 200 addiction-related terms, and began a national effort to fight the stigmatization of addiction, leading the way in helping to align the language of addiction to be consistent with a broader public health approach to addressing substance use disorders.

In research for 2016, the RRI conducted the first study on the prevalence and pathways of addiction recovery using a nationally representative sample of 50,000 US adults, and the first ever study to characterize participation and benefits of online recovery support networks using the social network site InTheRooms.com.


Founder & Director

John F. Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP

Carol McDaid

Dr. Arthur C. Evans Jr.

Michael Botticelli

William L. White

Dr. Keith Humphreys

Phillip Valentine

Joanne Peterson

Dr. David Best

Susan Broderick

Dr. A Thomas Horvath


Associate Director

Dr. Brandon Bergman

Director of Communications

Alexandra Plante, M.A.

Director of Biostatistics

Dr. Bettina Hoeppner

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. David Eddie

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Corrie Vilsaint


Julie Cristello


Nilo Fallah-Sohy


Nate Kelly


Alexandra Abry


Dr. Gregory Acampora, MD

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